TRENTA is not the eyewear, is the fashion.
The brand hopes Trenta to be with You whenever it is,
wherever you are with the conception of “always.”
TRENTA means “30″ in Italy, and it is written by “XXX”.
In the ancient Rome, 10(X) means “Completion”, and each X in TRENTA(XXX)
representsCompletions of Culture, Passion and Style.
Items of TRENTA are given the names of birth signs of the zodiac and its meanings.
Thus, the names of these constellations represent each item’s name.
The harmony between reinterpreting the vintage style and using high quality of material.
It creates unique TRENTA style, and items are hand-made. Satisfaction in style and quality,
it is TRENTA’s motto.


Culture, Passion, Style and TRENTA